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 Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister

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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:46 pm

Tuesday 16th March 2010

Life continues with it's ups and downs. A huge 'up' - my lodger - Cyn - we get on so well together - she's great. We just gell together - meeting her is about the best thing that's happened to me for ages!

But - on the down side - just had a letter from the lawyer. I could hardly believe it - she's had threatening emails from someone - that's got to be that scottish minx and her husband. Well - if they're going to resort to such dirty tatics in response to a simple request for the return of my property - we have to take the gloves off. I've told the lawyer to use her discretion to persue them in any way she sees fit, to protect herself, and to get back my property, or it's equivalent value.

I don't care if she takes them to court or hires a heavy to get the job done. But I'm sure one way or another, she'l do it - she seems quite efficient and businesslike.

I can't believe it - Seonaid seemed so nice, quiet, trustworthy and honest. It just goes to show - you never can tell !

And that guy that attacked me and set up the trust fund - seen him again too. I don't know what to make of him - is he for real? He actually seems quite nice - if I could be convinced it isn't just an act.

How's the insurance company coming along - you didn't mention them in your last letter?
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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   Sun May 02, 2010 1:48 am

((haven't been online much for a few weeks due to rl pressures - hence long gap since last letter. Sorry !))

Saturday 1st May 2010

Sis - I still haven't heard from you. I need to know urgently - that the insurance company is paying up - things are getting really tight. Please - chase and chase and chase until they pay. I'm having to find a way of raising money now - following up some opportunities in a town down the road - I'll tell you more about that when I know more.

And that scottish bitch - you know what she's gone and done? She's set a thug on me, she or her no-good husband - tried to coerce me into dropping the case. The bastard took me by surprise, and left me tied up in the old lighthouse - but he didn't hurt me thankfully. He won't get me so easy next time - I'll be on my guard. He left me with threats about what would happen next time if the lawyer didn't stop writing letters. He can go jump in a bloody lake - and that bitch and her husband too. Come to think of it - haven't seen him around for ages - perhaps he's hiding - if he knows what's good for him.

Anyway - I was rescued by a passer by and his friend, who turned out to be quite nasty - had to use my wits not to be raped there and then or pay them off - but they'd been stupid and let me see their faces. I was so furious at Seonaid, that I told them if they wanted money - to go and take the necklace back off her and damn well keep it or sell it. And have their fun with her if she wouldn't cough up. I know I shoudln't have - but I really don't care any more - she doesn't deserve any better. I don't think they did though - I think they just went back to whatever dung-heap they came from.

All this doesn't help me with the rent - sis - I NEED that insurance money.

like - NOW !!!! Another couple of weeks, and every penny I've got will be gone - the next town might come good - but it's risky and uncertain. Don't tell Daddy - he can't know !

The only other possibility is that trust fund that attacker set up - I'm trying not to draw on that - I can't believe there aren't hidden catches - but if all else fails .... I wish I know what to make of him - he seems nice now - but why did he do what he did? And what'll stop him doing it again? I've even tried to avoid him a bit - and I think he's stopped following me around so much - but why the hell should I be afraid of him ? dammit - why are things so confusing !!!!

Oh - and one of my remaining throwing knives has been stolen again - can you send me one of the others please - you know where they are.

Thank you so much
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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   Mon May 17, 2010 3:26 am

Monday 17 May 2010

Sis !! It's been three weeks now and I still haven't heard from you! That insurance money - where is it? My rent is due in a week or two and if I don't have it, I'll be out on the street. That cannot happen! But thanks for not telling Daddy - I know you can't have or he'd have sent his boys over here. Don't want that to happen.

I'm fed up with that lawyer. Haven't heard from her in ages and she's supposed to be persuing that pair of thieves through the courts. But after they sent that thug to intimidate me, and not making any progress any other way, I employed someone else to get that necklace back. Not heard back from him either - this is bloody hopeless. Can no-one in this god-forsaken place do what they're paid to do? Though I hear that Seonaid has disappeared. Wonder if that's to do with him. Serve her right if it is. That girl and her husband need to think about what they've done. Hope she gets a hard time of it.

You remember that weird attacker that gave me a hard time a few months ago and then set up that trust fund? Well, he came to visit me last night and he's now a cop of all things. Not here, but in DeadEnd, that delapidated place down the road. And he said he'd doubled the trust fund! We had a very strange conversation and he ended up in nearly in tears. He said again that the attack was induced by drugs that had been forced on him. I didn't believe him the first time he told me that weeks ago, but maybe - well perhaps, he might be sincere. Hard to tell, but it must have taken a bit of courage to come round and face me. What I don't get is why he didn't just forget it and move on. What I also don't get is why I didn't press charges - I damn well should have done - but for some reason, I don't know why, but I didn't. Something about him I guess.

I don't think I'm afraid of him any more, and that trust fund .... I hate to draw on it .... I don't want to feel indebted to him .... but maybe, now it might be that or the street. I can't rely on that necklace coming back, and I'm on the streets in a couple of weeks. I think I'm going to have to swallow my pride and go speak to that lawyer to get some of that money. I've looked for other ways to earn something quickly and not found them yet. There's nothing else !!!

You know, if things had been different. He's sort of nice looking .......

Hope that bloody bitch is suffering, whereever she is!!

Well, maybe not too much!
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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:58 pm

Friday 1 July 2010

Sis !! Where the hell are you !! It's been weeks, and I'm at the end of the road !! I'm writing this from my last day in my lovely home. The rent money is way overdue and I'm being kicked out. I NEED THAT INSURANCE MONEY!

it's a nightmare. That blasted lawyer seems to have vanished - she said there was a trust fund that she controlled on my behalf - I finally gave in and asked her to draw down some funds from it, but far from providing some funds, she vanishes and hasn't answered my letters. She's a waste of space - can't even do that let alone retrieve my necklace from that blasted scottish bitch.

And Cyn, who's was sharing the house with me, whom I though was such a lovely friend - well she's gone and vanished too, leaving me in the lurch. Obviously she's decided she likes having free lodging but as soon as any money is involved, she dumps me and runs. Cupboard love, that's what it bloody is.

I've been looking for a decent job but there doesn't seem to be anything that'll fund a decent house, short of getting into illegal activities, and I guess, if I do that, Daddy'll cut me off altogether. I cried myself to sleep last night - it's all I can do to keep a straight face in out in public. God I can't look anyone in the eye now - me! on the bloody street !

Well - at least I'm not quite on the street - I used the last little cash I had to take out a rental on a trailer in sinners bay, just down the road. It's an awful dump, tiny and bare, but at least it's weatherproof and not too rusty. I'll have to hide out of sight when anyone walks past - this is too humiliating!

Please please please keep on at the insurance company, and - you know that little jewellry box in the cupboard in my bedroom - please sell what's in it and send me the proceeds? That'll buy food for a few weeks at least. But don't let on to Daddy whatever you do !

Only one bright spot - had it happened any other time I'd have been walking on air. I found a nice guy. Well - we found each other. He's great looking, and has a lovely bum. He took me out on my first ever proper 'date' !!!!! Calls himself Mr Johnson. Had a lovely meal at the jade dragon - though he got a bit annoyed I think when I mentioned how strangly limited the menu there was. But that didn't last - he was very gracious and gentlemanly and I think he actually likes me !!!! Quite made me forget how Louise seemed strangely antagonistic as soon as we walked in.

Then things went downhill - about half an hour later, I was violently sick. That meal must have been 'off' - what a surprise from what I that was a really high quality establishment. The medics are doing tests to find out what it was, but that restaurant needs to be reported to public health - it's a hazard that'll poison half of DeadEnd if it isn't sorted quickly.

He's expecting me, I think, to invite him to my home for tea - how can I tell him I don't have it any more - I just can't - I don't know how I can face him again. But I can't wait to see him again too. This is crazy ! Heeeelp!!!!

He's gorgeous and he likes me !!!!!! HE LIKES ME !!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:26 pm

Thursday 7 July 2010

Sis - you've got to 'do' something !! I found your letter when I got back to my trailer, after a nightmare of a week - spent most of it tied up with my head all but down a stinking toilet. Not going into details but I'm physically ok. Wouldn't be surprised if it was yet another piece of thuggery organised by that blasted scottish bitch and her husband. We'll have to see about them. Though I'm beginning to wonder about Louise too after the look she gave me last week in the JD - and the food poisoning I got there. Wouldn't surprise me if she's in cahoots with Seonaid and that Mr P - in fact I think she probably is. I've got to think what to do about that.

But it's all hit bottom - the removal van from my house disappeared - I've got nothing!!! No money, no house, no clothes except what I'm wearing, an empty trailer, with nothing in it - not even a cooker, toilet or bed. And I've had nothing to eat for days. Look - I know he'll be pissed but I guess it's time to tell Daddy - this can't go on. And it's all Seonaid's fault - I feel so helpless - whatever I do goes wrong, and she's swanning around in her great big house, as though butter wouldn't melt.

How much did that jewelry fetch? Please send it as soon as possible. And if there are any more of those throwing knives in the case (I've lost count) - please send it/them too - I'm starting to feel very vulnerable without them.

But you must tell Daddy and get him to sort something out - fast !!!! Even if, heaven forbid, he just sends the money to get back 'home' with !!!!

Please !!

The one positive thing in all this nightmare, is that I met a nice girl just after getting away from that 'toilet', who said she'd been ask to look out for me by that Mr Johnson, who was flirting with me a couple of weeks ago. Wonder where he is now - I'm scared to see him, particularly now, but can't wait either.

God I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've got to go find a job. As soon as it's daylight. Just not a topless dancer. Never !!

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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:57 am

Friday 9 July 2010

Sis! What the hell do you mean "stew in her own juice"??! And daddy can't stop you sending the money from that jewelry - he can't - it's mine ! Just send it anyway - please !! Doesn't he care about his own bloody daughter? You've got to make him see sense! How the hell can I "get myself out of my own mess" if I've no bloody cash to do it with? All that's left is that blasted necklace! I've half a mind to go over and ransack that house myself for it - that bloody bitch'll have it stached somewhere. Then I'll get arrested and put in jail and what'll that do do Daddy's precious family name? Damn him - tell him he's got to see sense !

Tell him his own daughter is reduced to washing in the sea, hasn't even a spare set of undies and hasn't eaten for a week. And he doesn't want the English press discovering that a Hillingdon-Smythe has been abandoned in that state by her 'loving' father now does he?
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PostSubject: Re: Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister   

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Ceara's personal diary - daily letters sent home to her sister
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