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 Megyn's Notes

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PostSubject: Megyn's Notes   Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:57 pm

* $500: Sale of Ceara's necklace and timepiece to Needful Things. A preposterous fraction of their promised worth, but no other jeweller in town and she knew it, the dratted woman.
* $100: Sale of asylum supplies to Simone Yheng. x1 anal shock plug w/ remote. x1 egg vibrator. (Very open to more sales of control devices in the future. Discourage doctors from auditing supply cabinet!)
* $100: Bonus from Simone for agreeing to put her in contact with Doctors Kensey & Allen re: her interest in visiting properly treated (compliant, non-violent) and analysed patients, and acquiring for rehabilitation/employment (pos. resale) in the outside world.
$ 700

The Rest
* Hired on as an orderly. Enjoy the work, and doctors Kensey and Amber are quite amiable.
* Inmates need a firm hand, but easily cowed as long as they are given no quarter. (Ensure the violent one is contained in the high-security wing in institutional restraints.)

* Spoilt little rich girl. Exploit her connections for all she's worth.
* Rescued from docks and treated for hypothermia at the asylum.
* She provided expensive jewelery in exchange for freedom.

Madame Aida
* Very pleasant and alarmingly astute fortune teller.
* Was dubious at first, but her assessment of me ("ruled by the swords") and her predictions were spot on.
* Has access to very effective restorative elixir, and provides it to me without payment. Sampled her brew twice so far, and I always leave feeling much refreshed. Hope I'm not developing a dependency...

Simone's bar
* Stop by for a free drink and tour of the facilities when she's finished refurbishment.
* First point of contacting for disposing of troublesome patients.
* Very well funded. Carries large sums of cash. Don't miss this opportunity!

* Local cafe... put me in contact with The Rest on first arrival, and the proprietor knows how to make a good cup of tea.

Needful Things clerk
* Name unknown.
* Ensure she receives just reward for cheating me out of Ceara's jewels.

* Establishing a new club. NT clerk let slip that she's her Mistress.
* Good place to start in bringing that damnable clerk low, when doors are opened.
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PostSubject: Re: Megyn's Notes   Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:10 pm

* Known as a problem-solver... assists the police. Requested that I pass on her name to those in need of aid.
* Provided knowledge of Summer (the Needless Things girl)'s secret weakness in exchange for information about Madame Aida... Summer apparently is frightfully ticklish. If properly secured, she can be easily convinced to provide the full excess of the jewelry's worth.
* It seems she has quite a thing for tickling herself. What an odd malady afflicts these townsfolk...
* A friend of Katey, one of our asylum residents. I informed her how to access the visiting area so they could be reunited.
* She confirmed that Simone Yheng operates a brothel, was also Mistress of one in Deadend, and that patients I send to her are destined for the sex trade.
* She will pay me for any information I can uncover about patients that may have been brought in purely to get rid of them, and that are of sound mind. I will also be paid for proof that there's no foul play.
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PostSubject: Re: Megyn's Notes   Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:01 pm

Nurse Estos
* New nurse at the Rest. Gave him the nickel tour, and met Deme along the way.

Nurse Rachel
* Another new nurse, and most becoming in her uniform!
* We showered, fed, enema'd, and medicated (not necessarily in that order) Katey, one of the more coherent patients.

Really must meet with Doctor Kensey as soon as my schedule allows. We have much to discuss, from the business deal with Simon, chatting about how the Paine Asylum was run, to finding out the treatment plans and case histories for our current residents.
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PostSubject: Re: Megyn's Notes   

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Megyn's Notes
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