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 Retribution, Remembrance and Revenge

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PostSubject: Retribution, Remembrance and Revenge   Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:45 pm

Jaco paces in the room at the top of the factory. he looks at the tape recorder for a second, then takes another long drink from the bottle of Jameson's he has been nursing this night. He paces again mumbling incoherently only stopping to drink from the bottle and glance at the recorder. Finally as if he were being nagged by someone he blurts out as he looks at the wall

FYNE!... I will bloodeh doh it....

with an exasperated sigh he sits in the chair next to the table where the recorder lays, he sets the bottle next to the device ands sighs as he looks at the tiny machine, he goes to touch it, but retracts his hands as if the recorder were on fire, he tries again, and once again retracts them quickly, he growls and grabs the bottle and tips it up for a longer, bitter pull from the bottle, as he sets the bottle down he quickly grabs the recorder and pulls it into his chest. He closes his eyes tight as he heaves heavily, he takes several long gasps and starts nodding his head while pressing play

Ets beyn a while eh lasseh, aye I knoh I shud ave dun sumtin thah nyte, but

he clicks off the machine and growls in frustration for a long minute before her recomposes him and presses play again

but der was noh seynse in both us meytin Mistah Grim eh, ye knoh i beh the one thah had te live right, ye knoh I luv ye like the devil luvs fir .......
he gets caught up in his throat at the word fire, as if in desperation for erase the image and sounds of Catheryn burning from his head , with one hand he presses the stop button and with the other he snatches the bottle and take another long pull from it. His eyes clenched tight he lets the liqour do it's job. He sighs again and takes a deep breath as he presses play

I've been doin gud, I've decide te goh under ground and do some wark in disguise. der was a stareh in this town bout a man named Charon, musta been thah bloke i met in teh sewers...I made right quick wark ov im ye wudda beyn proud meh chroi (gaelic for treasure ) aneh wah he had a gud tin goin soh i tought i'd just take up wer he left off yannoh. his mask and cape fit meh quite nice like, and I dun afta speyk much, I made a connection with thah ole buzzard RM he seyms te ave found his niche in a place called Hoars Harbor er sum shite like tha, he has been buying slits off meh left n right, I dunno wah he does wit them nawt meh concern now is it

he laughs and sighs as he slides down in teh chair for a second he can almost see her face as his smile slowly fades from his face he continues
I aven't fergot boutchye, and i'm still lukin fer who done et, may de lard elp them if i evah find out.....I will make sher they barn like ye did luv
he looks down and slowly starts to scratch at the table with his right index finger, his facial expression turns into a deeper rage with each new scratch until his finger has dug a deep gouge into the old wood

I still say ye wud ave been eyvin sent is ye ad an ashtray on yer heyd and a icebox of ccold beer attached to ye arse wit a tv on ye tits
he laughs loud as he remembers the fight that he had with cat in the bar, he sighs as he rubs the back of his head also remembering the bottle she threw at him which split his head open

I'm gonta make them all pay luv...every feckin lasseh i can get meh bloodeh hands on ....dey will pay fer meh failure ....dey will pay fer ye life las.....I ....I....luv ye....

he clicks of the recorder and sets it down on teh table as if it were made of pure gold, h elooks at it for a long while as the rage slowly grows inside him, after a long few minutes he grabs the bottle and flings it against the wal as he storms outside to make good on his promise
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Retribution, Remembrance and Revenge
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