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 Sinners Rest TOC ((SIM Rules)) *Upadated November 09*

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PostSubject: Sinners Rest TOC ((SIM Rules)) *Upadated November 09*   Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:29 am

We want you to have a fun, adult and adventurous time playing in SR ; but we also want your time here to be enjoyable to all.
We have a few rules to help maintain order and peace, though mostly we hope you will make and treat SR as your home.
These rules are guidelines to expected behaviour and acceptable conduct.
Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards also apply, thus we do not welcome age play involving the roles of minors or any avatars that appear under legal age.
Please make sure that your character and appearance is suitable for the SIM environment in the Out of Character (OOC) area before proceeding to engage in SR.

What SR is about:
In character (IC) - The exact story of how Sinners Rest came to be is lost in history. Some believe it might actually be purgatory; a staging area in which your soul battles. To still others, it is simply a "once upon a time" boom town that time itself forgot.
Out of character (OOC) - SR is an adult kidnap Role-Play (RP) orientated SIM. Expect to engage in mature themes, of sexual violence and assault. The environment is urban and post industrial. The time period is modern day.

1) Rules of conduct.
==The No Drama Rule== : Personal vendettas, drama or/and conflicts out of -character have no place in SR.

Griefing or any other forms of actual harassment within SR is an offence that could result in a ban.
OOC soliciting of SR guests for L$ paid escorting services is not allowed.
Your co-operation is also appreciated in maintaining a pleasant RP environment. Please turn off any scripted items that spam local chat unnecessarily.
SR staff and senior players are there to help facilitate this. Where required, please give them your full co-operation.

2) Guidelines to acceptable character creation within the SR environment

i. [In General]
Do's :
Do create realistic, everyday characters that would fit in an urban environment.
Do wear whatever pleases you that is Avatar Rendering Cost(ARC) friendly (within 2000 is preferred), and plausible.

Don't create underage, fantastical, alien, ghost or disney characters.
Don't wear unnecessary particle generating boots, boobs, tentacles or wings, etc...

ii. [SR factions and Groups]
Should you wish to form and operate a recognised faction/ group within SR, the idea needs to be discussed with a member of SR staff who can better advice you on a person to person level.

If you need any help or advice regarding your character/faction creation, pop a notecard to any of our staff or senior players.
A list of go-to names is available at the OOC area help desk and in this welcome pack.
3) Guidelines to actions and consequences within the world of SR.

i. [Weapons and combat.]
This is a role play SIM. Weapons here are used solely as props to enhance role-play rather than to inflict meter damage in virtual combat.
To use a firearm legally within the SIM, apply for a weapons license from the Sinners Rest Police Department (SRPD) - There is a license fee
(Please read firearms license NC for more details)
Your license can be revoked if you are found to be using your weapons irresponsibly.
If using weapons (any form of meelee) illegally - expect to be arrested and to have your weapon confiscated.
Warning : Using push fire weapons may be constituted as griefing. Griefing can result in a ban so check with a member of staff if unsure.

ii.[Involvement of law enforcement agencies and good samaritans.]
RP in SR is expected to be fully adult and consenting. Things get overly complicated from misunderstandings that arise through bad communication.
Expect to encounter RP consequences if you are involved in a public based criminal or medical situation, and there are witnesses who wish to participate in the RP.

If you decide to play shoot them up in front of the police station when the whole precinct is around, expect to be confronted by the police.
If you decide to mug someone in a dark alley - it is more likely to be overlooked by uninterested police.

If for some reason you did not wish their involvement - make sure that you negotiate these circumstances in polite IM's with the individuals involved.
Warning : If you do require arbitration by a member of staff please remember our No Drama Rule.

N/B: We ask that you wear suitable clothing that might explain your concealed weaponry. In otherwords....
If you pull out a surprise bazooka when you're only wearing a thong...
There is something seriously wrong!

iii.[Murder, Death, Kill.]
Random death is not allowed i.e. you cannot kill anyone that has not agreed to die.
We ask that you carefully think about the consequences to the death of a character, and murder.
Within the game environment. Murder is illegal and carries a death sentence.
If you are caught and charged with Murder, you will face this prospect of judgement.
Death (of your character) results in a termination of that character e.g.

IC : Jacobi is killed and pronounced dead on arrival by doctors who confirm this (RP) fact through dental records.
OOC: The character Jacobi can no longer exist in SR. Jacobi must now either use a titler and a different character name or an alt.

iv.[Arson, Property Damage and Acts of God]
Possible rp scenarios consisting of consequential property damage :

• Blowing up or setting fire to a public building.
• Carrying out a storm in or raid on an established site of legal/illegal transaction (whether private or business).
• Breaking and entering.
• Bad weather forecast/lightning strike (Act of God)

Other than acts of god, all consequential property damage (i.e. property damage that greatly affects the RP of other characters) must be pre-negotiated.
Permission for the destruction must first be obtained by the proprietor and a member of SR Staff before any such acts may be role played.
RP destruction without having done the above is considered legally void within the game and can be completely ignored.
(Acts of god are perpetuated by SR Staff as an RP device to explain the introduction of new/replacement builds within reason and usually affect all players)
4) Lag Reducing Tips and Advice

Some scripted objects require server side system resources. For a better SL experience, refrain from using these as much as possible.
For more information on what these objects may be please read :
Please do not be offended if you are requested to remove these items should it come to the attention of an SR member of Staff.


©️ Sinners Rest Terms of Service
Last Updated : 24th Oct. 2009
Compiled by Dita Actor - please IM if this document is found to be in error.
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Sinners Rest TOC ((SIM Rules)) *Upadated November 09*
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