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 Masked Man Has Residents Terrified

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PostMasked Man Has Residents Terrified

Over the last few weeks, many residents of Sinner's Rest have been living a nightmare. It has come to this reporter's attention that a masked man has been silently moving around the city stalking many of the upstanding citizens of the city. At the time of print, it is still unknown how many victams have fallen prey to this silent predator, as most of all of them are to afraid to leave their own houses, let alone come forward. We have been unable to obtain any reports from the victams or the police department, but some very reliable sources have come forward to give us the information they have.

From what we have learned, this masked man could be linked to at least half a dozen kidnappings and rapes. It is also believed that he may be tied to the murder of at least one victam. What makes this man even more dangerous than the typical stalker is that he doesn't care where he attacks his victams. From reports that we have heard, he has attacked his female victams in dark alleys, public buildings and even their own homes. It is unknown at this time about whether the women are random victams or if he is picking them specifically for whatever reason his twisted mind has come up with.

We have not been able to get a good description of what he looks like, but from various sources, a few things have always been consistant. He wears a mask that covers his face, the mask is half white and half black. He is also a tall man, at least 6 and a half feet, maybe taller. He has broad shoulders, but no one has noticed any distinquishing features.

If you notice any suspicious activity or individuals, please report this to the Deadly Sins Offce. Oh, and if you have the time, you may also want to inform the Police Department.
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Masked Man Has Residents Terrified

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