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 Lucy, vodka and brainstorming.

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PostSubject: Lucy, vodka and brainstorming.   Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:47 pm

::Lucy takes a seat at her desk and pulls out her little black book from it's hidey place, she removes the padlock and reaches for a pen::

They finally passed me out as an SLBI Agent and about time to, i was considering turning to crime they made me wait that long. Now i COULD understand if it was because i needed the time to learn some more, improve my skills but did i? Did i fuck. I destroyed the high up a high scores on the firing range, nearly broke poor Agent Beger's arm, neck and leg in hand to hand combat and got them proof RM is still alive while i was still in training! I think i'm going to have to work alone, seems they want to do things the 'right' way, which is a load of bull if you ask me... doesn't get you anywhere. You have to install fear in people to get them to co-operate and bend a few rules to catch the rule breakers.

Which brings me onto rule breakers, pain in the ass. New gang in town 'the boobs' or something, bloods... i think that's it. Anyway. Need to figure out a way to deal with them before they become to much of a problem.

Stubby McGinnis... he's like Jacobilite, trying to be like big brother but failing miserably. He managed to contrive a scene to make it look like i sexually assaulted his girlfriend, (Need to talk to Summer about her choice in men) he got his photo's but i think i was more trouble than he bargained for. I took Summer without her realising it was me and extracted all i needed from her, pass codes, spare keys, all to Stubby's place. I broke in and trashed the place, came away with the photo's and spray painted on the walls, 'The Bloods', make it look like that new gang did it. I know... i'm a genius. Shock of my life, making my way out of Stubby's once nice house when i find this girl in a cell down in his garage. I 'liberated' her and she's at my place now. Think she's been brainwashed will have to ring Simone and see if she can sort her out, she's good with things like that. Maybe Kay? Hmm she might help but i don't want to drag her into it, to below the level of the law and she's just been hired as the SLBI's shrink.

Hired a maid for me and Raja. Now i know. Anyone reading this in the future when i publish will think. Lucy hired a maid? Never. Well you see, Raja's been real cruel lately, so much so that i figured get some help in and it might mean i get a break once in a while. Yeah i know... i'm a genius.

::Lucy scratches her head then locks the book back up with a few things sorted and some more plans in the works she slides the book back into it's little hidey place and downs the last of her vodka::
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Lucy, vodka and brainstorming.
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