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PostSubject: Alessandra   Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:35 pm

After a few strange and bumpy weeks in Dead End, I have found a little place to call home here in SInners Bay. Can't say it's much, but it's a place to sleep and a place to get away from the crazy world around me .. I hope ..

Spoke with a few neighbors and passers by and all in all , it's a quiet place. If it weren't so worn out, the little village would actually have some charm. Good local pub and a few shops and restaurants for when I'm in the mood to waste a little time. What is particularly useful.. I mean, nice, about this place is that it seems like everyone is happy to mind their own business .. That's good for me.. I need that .. for so many reasons.. just reading those words makes me feel a little.. well .. enough of that ..

I've had a couple of visitors and I'm hoping the woman I met some time ago, Ceara, will stop by some day. I thought of her just the other day and realized I hadn't talked with her in a long while.. Don't understand it really, I truly felt as if we were on the way to a good friendship.. another thing I could surely benefit from .. I do hope all is well with her .. She seemed so vulnerable ..yes.. so vulnerable

Anyway, enough for now.. it's nearly time for my commute to Dead End.. my so called job ..
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