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 Nat's Journal

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Natalice Ametza

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PostSubject: Nat's Journal   Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:25 pm

(Did ya miss me? Smile )

Coming to Sinner's Rest was supposed to be a way to start over. Maybe things wouldn't follow me here and maybe I would be left alone and I could live out a normal life, whatever normal is. Joining the police force I thought would help but I was very wrong.

As I sit here trying to sort out my thoughts, my mind is reeling with what happened to me the other day. I try hard not to think about it and I think I am still in shock over the whole incident. I dont understand what was going through his head. As one of the few I trusted I never thought he was capable of this.

He called me inside, it seemed rather urgent. I followed and of course with his manner I was concerned. Soon after following him upstairs, I found myself sprayed in the face and I blacked out, As I woke up, I found myself bound and gagged, placed in a crate and taken to an unknown location.

I soon found myself dragged from the crate and taken into another back room where the heavy door was locked and I was trapped. Entering the room I could tell right away at least what evil intentions were in his mind. He knew I was frightened and he laughed. That laugh...He knew my past, he knew I'd been a slave. He informed me of his intention to have me as a slave again, trained to serve him. I was terrified and angry, both of which he knew and used against me. I could tell by the look on his face, he enjoyed the fear in my eyes. Still bound and gagged I couldn't fight him, I couldn't beg him to let me go. I couldn't ask the million questions in my head on why he was doing this to me.

I tried to fight it, Tried to kick, Tried to refuse his demands but in the end it was the use of the cattle prod he'd pulled that had me kneeling at his feet, and not in the most comfortable manner. Punishment for not obeying I was informed. I was stripped of my clothing and as he'd told me to move closer to the throne he then sat in, I began to refuse again, not wanting him near me, not wanting his touch. His anger was frightening and as he pulled out the prod again, I moved toward him, he took my head in his lap and told me what my next task would be. I refused, fought, tried to pull free. Refusal led to more anger, and he quickly replaced the ropes with metal cuffs. Once I was secure, he pulled a metal collar, locking it around my neck and reminding me of my place as his new slave.

Dragged to a spanking bench, I was punished again, Thankfully only his hand struck. I think he would have gotten too much pleasure seeing the fear had he brought out a whip. Throughout the night, I could not stop the tears. I couldn't understand what had gotten into him. I had been shown the other items in the room then led to another bench forced down over it and chained in an awkward position. And soon after I was raped, used for his enjoyment. I was humiliated, I screamed and I cried but no matter how much I struggled, he continued the abuse. By the end of his assault, here was no fight left in me as he unchained me and led me to the corner of his prison locking me into a large cage and leaving me chained on the floor of it in the dark.

I was exhausted, humiliated, angry and scared as I fought trying to stay awake, now afraid of falling asleep. But as I laid on that cold floor and the exhaustion set in, I soon found myself falling asleep. I'm not sure what happened next, I woke up naked and confused. The chains were gone, I was no longer in a cage but on the cold street in town. Confused and scared, still exhausted, I struggled to my feet and wandered off in search of a warm place and some clothing.

Now I sit here in the bar trying to figure this all out. Trying to understand and make sense of this attack. Perhaps he'd changed his mind on keeping me, perhaps threatening to keep me a slave was only a way to keep me afraid during the time he had control of me. Why did he let me go...

And the most important question continues going through my head, Was it him...or was it the brother I've been told of that I didnt think I'd ever met?
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Nat's Journal
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