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 Re: Reflections

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Mason I

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PostSubject: Re: Reflections   Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:33 pm

The earthquake came and went. Parts of SR was leveled. Reminded me of parts of Iraq after the Day. But rebuilding has begun in earnest. To a newcomer, it look like normal reconstruction, restoring normalcy from chaos. But I'm not fooled. I know exactly what they're doing: They're covering up the bodies, those who have been swallowed by the hidden darkness in Sinner's Rest.

I found a wonderful lawyer here. I set up a trust fund for the unfortunate woman I met my first night. It's won't take away her pain, but perhaps it will help her in some way. I also explained what happened to my, I guess, girlfriend, but it's a very confusing relationship. She's holding something back from me, something very painful. If she'd tell me, maybe I could help her. I care for her a lot, more than she knows. I'm not going anywhere without her, which for someone with my problem, isn't going to be easy. But her smile, her gentleness is like sunshine. I've never met anyone like her before.

I'm discovering that typing with two broken fingers isn't easy. I found the dealers of the drug that messed up my life and dealt...decisively with them. They were...are, two college kids that were selling mescaline, an illegal hallucinogenic, to augment their tuition. I'm sure that the money will go to a better use now. The 2nd and 3rd fingers of my left hand are broken. 20 years ago I could have taken them easily. Guess I'm getting old.
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Re: Reflections
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