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 Skyye's Journal

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PostSubject: Skyye's Journal   Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:44 pm

Since coming to Sinners Rest, I have seemed to exchange hands like an object. Though my taste of freedom was short... Not having Daddy's money or his friends around, kept me here longer than I wanted to be.

I modeled for an artist a couple of times. His clients have some interesting ideas of art, but I thought it could help with building my wardrobe at least...and getting better things in general. I haven't seen the artist since I started working in the nightclub. Though can't remember how I got that job..and why no one would let me leave.

Now, I am in Sinners Bay...a really depressed area. I work at the local bar, The Dog's Bollocks. Sir offered me my freedom, but the offer was one I had to refuse... By staying, he's given me a coll.. I mean a necklace...and a couple new names. I told him once Daddy finds me, there'll be hell to pay!

I have run into some accidents since that night... I suffer from a finger broken in two places and had some bruises.. The bruises have since healed, but the finger will take weeks... And I have changed my mind about telling Daddy's best for all if he knows nothing.

I have ran into some nice people at the bar, made some friends with the people I work with..well, most of them. One girl doesn't seem to like me much. Sad Miss Summer is nice... to me anyways. And I met this man, he's so nice. He doesn't seem to fit in with the area, but a breath of fresh air.

The man paid Sir for some lost tips I owed him..and Sir gave me the night off to spend time with the man. The man even took me out on a date one night! I had such a wonderful time! I feel like a lil school girl.

I keep telling the man I do not want to hurt him. What if he finds out what it is I am made to do? What it is I have to do to survive? I hope Sir doesn't find out I am developing feelings for this man.
*gasps as she hears something and quickly puts the book away, thinking Sir's coming*
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Join date : 2010-02-09

PostSubject: Journal entry #2   Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:03 am

It's been a few weeks since I have been alone...not even a moment to write my thoughts down. The man I wrote about, he's...beginning to seem like he fits in the more I hear about things he's done. I am so confused! He's always been nice to me, but this only temporary? He's told me somethings that I really didn't want to know. I even told him so. But, he told me anyways. Thank goodness he has a lawyer.

He gave me a cellphone, then sent me a message..with pictures. He went snooping and... I don't know. He's found some serious stuff...not sure why he would bring me into this. If anything, this jeopardizes my life even more than it already is. Then tells me he's trying to buying me from Sir. This could cause trouble for everyone. Why doesn't anyone listen?

Then there's this other man...a real southern gentleman...unless he's had a bit too much to drink. He's never lifted a hand to me or anything, but he can be persistent. Now, he is asking for me to go away with him. I really don't want to pull these men into what's going on with me. I couldn't stand it if something happened to them because of me. There are already so many lives at stake...what is wrong with these people? Maybe I should try to escape on my own... Then if I get caught, it's only me that gets in trouble.

On a lighter note...if you want to call it that, Sir has given me a new necklace, much nicer than the first one. He said it's because I am learning..and being a good girl. Hell, if he knew what was really going on..I'd never see the light of day again! I have to be really careful what I do and say ...more so now that people's hearts are involved. I am truly sorry...I didn't mean to get them involved. Though I do care for both of them, I must keep them at arms length.... For everyone's safety!

*jumps as she hears footsteps and quickly hides her book in a new spot*
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Skyye's Journal
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